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Dr. Allam on Business, Hull City & Young People

1 July 2013

Well-known local entrepreneur Dr. Assem Allam was the keynote speaker at the recent business start-up advice seminar organised by Humberside Chartered Accountants. I attended to represent the Business Advice Group.

The event was fully booked with around 50 local business owners attending.


We all found what he had to say fascinating – his main observations were:


On Business:


1. Stick to your business plan if you really believe in it – don’t get deflected.


2. Concentrate on getting the lowest break-even point you can – so that you have more “insulation” if times get tough!


3. Understand what you are good at – and concentrate on this.


4. Only embark on a business venture if you can see a way out at the end of it.


On Hull City Football Club:


1. The football talk stays on or just around the pitch – the boardroom is for business only – no football!


2. This has allowed Dr. Allam to get the team into the Premiership without spending beyond the club’s means.


3. He confided to us all, that he is not a “football person” – but he is interested in putting something back into the community that has helped him grow his own business!


On Young People:


1. Contrary to much popular belief he is firmly of the opinion that we produce a lot of high quality “youngsters”. His ethos is to train school leavers and some graduates both for the shop-floor and the office. With proper training and supervision he produces some loyal, excellent employees, he believes.

(Quite where this leaves us “oldies” I am not sure?!)


In Summary:


In common parlance – the man has been there, done it and got the t-shirt!!

We all need to continue listening and learning from experienced business people such as Dr. Allam.


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