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Our clients include private individuals, individual companies, business partnerships and limited companies in various sectors.


Marketing Consultancy to improve profits and growthMarketing Consultancy


We believe in marketing. Based on hands-on running of a business we know from experience that effective marketing can be as essential a tool as effective accounting. Getting both your business and your products known and raising their profile is paramount to success.


We can advise you on a marketing plan and help you to budget for an ongoing strategy. Our network of contacts can assist you with any printed and digital media you might require but if you want a really easy solution we can handle everything for you from start to finish.




Tax ConsultancyTax Consultancy


We offer a comprehensive range of tax consultancy services which take account of current developments.


Many people, especially those who are filing a return for the first time, find that self-assessment is a daunting and time-consuming task. We ensure that your tax return is filed correctly and on time so that you do not incur any penalties. We will make all the tax calculations for you and advise you on your liabilities and how to plan for them.


We will also advise you on ways to reduce the tax you owe. Simple steps can save you a lot of money when you have the right know-how at your finger-tips.


The sooner you contact us, the better we can prepare your tax returns.

Phone us on 01377 256776 to make an appointment.


Specific services:

• Self-assessment

• Trusts, estates and inheritance tax

• Tax planning

• HMRC enquiries and investigations




Accounting Support Services


More than mere payroll and financial accounting: we go behind the figures to provide analyses that you can use as a performance management tool. We highlight trends, opportunities to enhance profit and also any potential threats.


Iris OpenbooksWe use cloud technology to provide instant access to accounts for monitoring on a daily basis if required. This means fewer delays and more help when you need it.


There are very few businesses that can afford in-house accounting departments. Our expertise fills that gap while providing a range of added value services in this area so that you are guaranteed a clear and accurate picture of your company's financial health.


Our accounting systems mean that we can produce reports in a variety of ways and at different times of the year, giving you more or less information as and when required.


Our services in this area include:

• Management Accounts (monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis)

• Actual results / business plan or budget comparative analysis

• Costing information including break even / turnover information

• Bookkeeping

• Payroll

• VAT returns


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